Other Services

RSM and SCOR Physical Therapy understand that each client has very specific needs to meet their goals. With this in mind we ofer several programs to ensure optimal results for each individual.

Hand Therapy: Our hand specialist is a certified occupational and physical therapist who specializes in treatment strategies for the hand and elbow (SCOR location).

Worksteps: Employment testing and Functional Capacity Evaluation (RSM location).

Athletic Training: Our Certified Athletic Trainers have been working with high school and collegiate athletic programs for more than 20 years. We provide services to San Clemente and Tesoro High School.

Wellness: Invest in yourself to keep a healthy lifestyle. This may include massage, personal training, pilates and specialized post rehabilitation programs.

Post Rehab & Training Program: Our staff will develop a personalized fitness or post rehabilitation program for you. With the changing world of health insurance, benefits may be limited before you have reached your goals. Whether it is weight loss, returning to sport from a knee or shoulder injury or you are just intimidated by the gym; we can help. Why go to a personal trainer not familiar with you and your injury when you can continue with our specialized staff.